The aquaculture industry has long struggled with finding ways to move water through systems in energy saving and reliable ways. Over the years there have been a variety of “airlift pumps” that have been available, but flow rates have always been inconsistent and minimal, specs sparse and setup difficult. So needless to say, we were initially a little skeptical about FloNergia’s new airlift pump, FloMov. But their high level of research, engineering and application testing all combined to move airlift pumps technology to the next levels. FloMov has excellent reliability while greatly increasing the variety of application where it is useful. Since Fish Farm Supply Co. partnered with FloNergia in 2019 we have been proud and confident to sell their product with the knowledge that our customers will benefit greatly from this technology. FloNergia has hit the trifecta of providing energy saving, reliable, high performance airlift pumps at far less than you would spend on a traditional pumping system. FloNergia backs all this up with exceptional customer support and are always there to provide the technical information needed for any application, even new and unique ones.
Julia Webber, BSc Freshwater & Marine Biology, Owner, Fish Farm Supply Co., Canada
I was one of the early adopters of FloNergia’s pumps. Their FloMov airlifts were used in raceways which allowed us to produce more fish, more efficiently and with a greater degree of control than open stocking or net pens. Their pumps can easily draw water of different temperatures and depths which allowed us to optimize growing conditions. The FloMov pumps are very well suited to trouble free year round operations and can be easily shut down and restarted even under freezing conditions. Their airlift pumps provided us with a pumping system that did not require the installation of electrical power over our floating docks and greatly enhanced safety as all electrical and mechanical equipment can be located on land. In addition, reducing energy usage by utilizing this efficient pumping technology greatly enhances the ability to expand operations without lengthy shutdowns or disruptions to ongoing operations.
Gintas Kamaitis, B.Sc.(Hon) Aquatic Biology, B.Sc.(Eng.) Biological Engineering, Aquaculture Consultant, Canada
Since 2019, we have specified FloMov airlift pumps into several projects for our aquaculture clientele in North and South America. When required, the professional team at FloNergia has always been willing to assist us to facilitate an optimal design application. The value and effectiveness of the FloMov pumps makes them an excellent unit for a variety of applications. We continue to specify them in our designs and we look forward to working collaboratively with the FloNergia team.
Daniel Stechey, President, Canadian Aquaculture Systems, Inc., Canada

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