FloNergia named a 2018 World Changing Ideas Award Finalist

FloNergia is honoured to be one of Fast Company’s 2018 World Changing Ideas Award finalists. Chosen from nearly 1400 submissions, FloNergia’s innovative airlift pump was 1 of 15 finalists in the Energy category. “World Changing Ideas, now in its second year, celebrates businesses, policies, and nonprofits that are poised to help shift society to a more sustainable and more equitable future.” Fast Company.

“Our pumps help make aquaculture, hydroponic, and aquaponic set-ups less expensive to run by eliminating the need for a separate water pump,” explained Chief Technology Officer Wael Ahmed. “Lowering the costs of these systems mean more people around the world can grow their own food more sustainably.” FloNergia’s airlift pumps reduce energy use by 50-70% compared to traditional centrifugal pumps.

Aquaculture systems are an important way to reduce unsustainable fishing in the world’s oceans. As the world’s appetite for fish continues to grow, fish farming is becoming an important alternative to traditional fishing practices. Hydroponic systems allow more food to be grown with fewer resources and are increasing seen as playing a major role in the future of food production. Integrating aquaculture and hydroponics produces a highly efficient system where waste from aquatic life is fed to plants which in turn clean the water of waste. These systems require fewer resources than traditional farming techniques and are an important way to create more sustainable food production systems for the future.

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About FloNergia
FloNergia was incorporated in November of 2016 to commercialize new airlift pump technology developed at the University of Guelph. This new airlift pump design has demonstrated outstanding performance when tested in both laboratory as well as in-field trials. The current market focus for FloNergia is the aquaculture industry with possibilities of expanding into the aquaponics, hydroponics industries and other markets.

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