Aquaculture production is an industry of growing importance in the world. With ever increasing demand on shrinking global fish stocks, aquaculture production is the only way forward to meet demand and feed coming generations. Global aquaculture production attained an all-time high of 101.4 million tonnes in 2014 and is expected to continue growing year-over-year (FAO, 2016). The aquaculture industry is rife with challenges associated with high production costs, slim profit margins, disease, and the high degree of scrutiny by industry groups and the public.


Water quality is the most important factor affecting fish performance and health in aquaculture. Temperature, dissolved oxygen, solid (fecal) and dissolved wastes (ammonia, carbon dioxide) and contaminants (pathogens, pollutants, hydrogen disulfide, etc.) are key water quality parameters for aquaculture operations. Current water quality management technology is outdated, energy intensive, and costly to purchase, operate, and maintain.

Our innovative FloMov pump design alleviates the problems experienced with current water quality management systems by introducing a single efficient and optimized pumping and aeration system while reducing the energy footprint required to run the system.

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