Engineered & Prototyped at the Multiphase Flow and Energy Lab

A team of engineers and scientists at Multiphase Flow and Energy Lab spent 10 years designing, engineering and optimizing the FloMov airlift pump for applications in the aquaculture market. The FloMov airlift pump design provides a substantial reduction in total energy use, improved aeration and a host of other helpful properties while decreasing noise and vibration associated with typical pump systems.

Design Fundamentals

Application & Technology

  • Ideal for applications requiring high pumping volume with lowhead
  • Other gases can be used for injection purposes
  • No moving parts offering low maintenance requirements
  • Uses one air source for pump operation and aeration
  • Improved water aeration
  • Designed to handle fluids with suspended solids

Our FloMov airlift pump design eliminates the need for a dedicated water circulation system in addition to an aeration system and instead uses the work of moving air alone to circulate and aerate water simultaneously. Water flows into the pump from below, radial air injection enhances oxygenation while axial air injection enhances water lifting.

Initially designed for aquaculture, aquaponics and hydroponic systems, our patented technology dramatically reduces energy consumption of 50 to 70% while improving water quality by disrupting thermal stratification, improving oxygenation, stripping carbon dioxide, and assisting in the recovery of solid waste. Additionally, our FloMov pump technology is:

  • Essentially maintenance free as there are no moving parts or lubrication required,
  • Less noisy with less vibration when compared with other types of pumps,
  • Corrosion resistant, all of our pumps are manufactured from foodgrade polymer,
  • Simple to install, and
  • Capable of pumping fluids up to 710 US gallons per minute (2685 L per minute).


Two Phase Air Lift Pumps in Biological Systems O2 and CO2

Multiphase Airlift Pumps for Water Circulation in Fish Farms Flow Rate Study

Engineered-Airlift Pump for Aquaculture Applications

Case Studies

Aquaculture Study: FloMov delivering better oxygenation, improved recirculation and lower energy costs

Hatcheries Study: Increased salmon and trout yield in Ontario hatchery with FloMov pump installation

Floating Raceways Study: Converting a quarry to a fish farm with FloMov delivers stable environment and lower long term costs

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